15 May 2023: HiBob time off integration and a new page to manage your Oyster subscriptions


Manage time off requests made on HiBob from Oyster 

Introducing the HiBob time off integration. Automatically sync and update any time off requests made on Hibob to your Oyster account. You can also sync and auto-update employee details from HiBob to Oyster to save time and reduce errors

Guide for time off integration

Guide for syncing employee information from HiBob into Oyster



View all subscriptions and Oyster fees in one page (beta) 

Looking to view all of your active subscriptions and Oyster fees? You can now access the subscriptions page from the main navigation to see the types of packages you subscribed to with Oyster, number of Team Members per package, total Oyster fees, and billing cycle. Learn more here

Subscriptions page with package breakdown and Oyster Fees


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