Migrating to Allianz Health

We are migrating all Team Members who had coverage through SafetyWing and IMG onto the new Allianz plans where eligible.

We’re excited to partner with Allianz Health to offer global benefits to Team Members. Allianz Health offers extensive health coverage in 165+ countries, including dental, vision, and mental health care.

Team Members in Ireland are being moved to Irish Life.

Migrating from SafetyWing or IMG

If you have any existing team members enrolled with our current global benefits providers, note the following:

  • There will be no gap in coverage for your team members.
    • SafetyWing will cease to cover on May 31st, and Allianz coverage will start on June 1st.
  • Oyster will contact all team members to ensure a smooth and informed transition by sharing all relevant materials on the new Allianz plans.
  • All dependents will be enrolled in the new tiers as well.
  • Team Members being migrated will receive the equivalent of their current plan.
    • For example: if someone is enrolled in SafetyWing premium, they will be enrolled in Allianz premium.
  • The Allianz Health plans have better offerings: significantly improved coverage, better experience, and in some cases an even more economical option than our current offerings.
  • You will receive a Service Agreement request to reflect the changes during the next month and before May 31st.

Exempt countries

There are some countries in which we can’t offer Allianz coverage. In these countries, we will take alternative options such as allowances for this subset of countries.

Reason Country Solution
OFAC Sanctioned Countries Russia Allowance of 130€ per insured person (TM+dependents)
North Korea
Risk France Allowance of 130€ per insured person (TM+dependents)
Not supported Switzerland Allowance of 130€ per insured person (TM+dependents)
US Local benefits
Ireland Local benefits
UAE EOR benefits (not included in this migration)


Benefit Support Fee

We are also introducing our Benefit Support Fee to cover the costs of handling the benefits lifecycle:

  • Market research
  • Vendor negotiation
  • Enrollment and modifications
  • Vendor management
  • General administration

This fee is part of our overhead as set out in our Terms & Conditions.


The Benefit Support Fee is billed monthly with the Oyster invoice.

  • The fee will be waived for the first month (June).
  • The fee will be charged starting in July.
  • The fee is in addition to the cost of the benefits as shown in the platform when benefit plans are added.


  • Allianz: $25 / €23 / £20
  • Irish Life
    • Competitive package: $50 / €45 / £40
    • Best in Class package: $75 / €70 / £65

Why is Ireland's Benefit Support Fee more expensive?

Ireland is part of our Local Benefits Packages. Our local benefits package in Ireland includes more vendors and offers a more complete and customized experience, reflective of the expectations and standards of the country. In Ireland, our packages include healthcare, vision, and dental benefits.


To whom does this migration apply?

This migration applies to any team member currently enrolled in one of our legacy Global Benefits vendors (SafetyWing & IMG), regardless of the employment type.


  1. Team members who reside in the United Arab Emirates will remain enrolled with IMG until further notice
  2. Team members who reside in Belgium and are not full-time employees (i.e. are categorized as contractors)

Can I choose to not offer benefits to my Team Members?

No. If a Team Member had benefits before, they should continue to have a benefit that replaces it. In countries where that is not possible or supported, the replacement is for an equivalent value monthly allowance of €130.

What happens to Team Members in countries where Oyster is setting up local benefits in the near term or already has them?

We will migrate everyone with our legacy Global Benefits providers (SafetyWing & IMG) to the new solution with Allianz. If you have team members in countries with Local Benefits and you would like to offer that as the alternative, you can do so at any point by reaching out to us in the future.

What happens if my team member has pending claims with the legacy providers SafetyWing or IMG?

Team Members can submit claims and get paid for them until their last day of coverage (May 31st) following the standard procedure through the vendor’s platforms.

What happens if, for any reason, we don’t make it on time for the May 31st deadline to switch to Allianz?

Those team members will remain on their current plan, no one will be left without coverage.

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