25 April 2023: ✨🧹 A simpler, more organized menu to help you make the best use of Oyster

✨ The menu on your Oyster account just got a refresh! Easily find and use features to hire, pay, reward, and care for talent around the world. ✨


How does it look?

Cleaner, simpler, and more organized. 

Oyster's more organized menu

What are the key changes?

1. Finding and using features to hire and retain a globally spread team is now easier with dedicated menus for Hire, Pay, and Total rewards

Hire, Pay, Total rewards menus

2. Access all your team member information and manage time-off and time tracking from Team

Team Member information

3. Easily set up your profile, integrate with software you use, download reports, and more from Company

Company profile and settings

A round-up of where you can find your favorite features

  • Home: Get one-stop access to important tasks requiring your attention, track hiring progress, and more 

  • Team: Access the full list of your team members and take any related actions. You can also manage time off and time tracking from here.

  • Hire: Ready to hire? Calculate employment costs, start the hiring process, and track progress

  • Pay: Manage payroll, invoices, and expenses 

  • Total rewards: Get country-specific equity and benefits intel and then offer both easily

  • Company: Set up your profile, integrate with other HR tools you use, download reports, and more 

  • Tools and resources: Get the answers you need to hire and retain a global team confidently 

  • Developer: Create and manage apps

  • Support center: Get in touch with customer support and browse articles

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