6 April 2023: 🎁 Oyster Total Rewards, Oyster Scale, and more


March was a big month for us. We launched an integrated salary, equity, and benefits solution--Oyster Total Rewards, a more cost-effective and efficient way to help you grow your global team with Oyster Scale, a brand new in-app resignation flow, and shipped updates to help you manage your team's contract better.

Take a look below!👇🏽


Reward and value your global team better with Oyster Total Rewards🎁

One of the hardest challenges we see People and HR teams face is figuring out what compensation and benefits to offer their globally distributed teams and how to actually offer it. Laws, needs, and competition vary across locations. What people need to succeed and feel valued also varies.

And there is sometimes even a lack of clarity on what a company's compensation philosophy should be! Local pay rates, location agnostic, something else?

Introducing Oyster Total rewards that will enable you to both design salary, equity, and benefits plans and offer them confidently to better care for and value their team. Join our waitlist for Salary insights tool and Compensation consulting here

Grow your global team efficiently and cost effectively with Oyster Scale 🚀

Oyster Scale is our latest solution for companies with 5 or more global Team Members. Through Scale, customers can lock in discounted rates for 12 months by purchasing five or more seats on Oyster and filling them with new or existing Team Members. 

Scale customers also benefit from a faster and fully guided bulk hiring process and access dedicated support, legal and HR experts so they can work with their large global teams as quickly as possible. Learn more about Oyster Scale here


Streamline offboarding with our in-app Team Member resignation flow 

Team Members can now request to resign from their role and initiate the offboarding process using their Oyster account by accessing a guided and simplified flow. 


Once a request has been submitted, Oyster will notify customer admins, review the request, and collect additional information to proceed with offboarding. For Team Members: How do I submit a resignation request?


Easily extend a contractor’s contract 

Got a contractor that you want to keep working with? Our new self-serve experience makes it easy and sets you up to request a contract extension directly through the platform. 
Learn how to request a change of extension here.


Update your Team Member’s employment details with a few clicks

People’s roles can shift and change and this often needs to be reflected in their employment details. Updating a Team Members salary, bonuses, allowances, benefits, job title, and job description can all be done independently through the Oyster platform. Learn more about contract management for Team Members.

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