How do I submit a resignation request?

You can send a request to resign from your role and initiate the offboarding process using your Oyster account. 

Before submitting a resignation request

  • Log in to your Oyster account. 
  • Double check the email address listed in the Settings section. This is where we’ll send your resignation paperwork.
  • Keep your employment agreement on hand as you might need to refer to it to complete the resignation request. Your employment agreement can be found by navigating to Documents and selecting Other documents from the drop down menu.

Here are the steps to submit your resignation: 

  1. Click on Help Center in the left navigation. 
  2. Under Self-service Actions, click Request Resignation.
  3.  Start filling out the resignation request by letting us know whether you have informed your manager. Indicate the resignation reason and desired resignation date.
  4. Verify the paid time off you have taken and indicate how many days you'd like to take before your last day and upload a signed resignation letter. As a reminder, make sure to request any time off you plan to take using Oyster. Here’s how you can request time off
  5. Submit your request.

What happens after you submit your resignation?

Oyster will inform your company about your resignation and ask them to review the request and provide any additional details needed to process your resignation. 

After informing your company and collecting all information, Oyster will review the complete request to ensure it complies with your employment agreement, local laws, and any other relevant agreements. 

Once the review process is complete, Oyster will contact you with all the necessary documents and to confirm your final payout.

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