What is Oyster Scale and how does it work?


Oyster Scale is an annual package that allows you to purchase a number of seats with Oyster at a locked, negotiated rate. These seats can then be filled with new hires or existing global employees hired by Oyster.


When to use Oyster Scale

As your global footprint grows and your operations expand, having a larger international team becomes top priority. Scale helps companies grow their global teams efficiently, compliantly, and cost-effectively. 

Oyster Scale is an ideal solution for:

  • Companies with 5 or more full-time Team Members hired through Oyster 
  • Companies that forecast the number of their global hires to grow beyond 5.   

Companies that value cost-predictability and cost-effectiveness will find Scale to be ideal. Through negotiated seat-based pricing, companies lock-in reduced rates for the full year and have the flexibility of re-using their seats for new global hires and backfills. 


Why Oyster Scale

Here are the key benefits of using Scale: 

  • Pre-purchase annual seats: Lock in reduced rates when you purchase 5+ annual seats up front. 

  • Reuse seats: You have the flexibility to reuse your empty seats for new roles or backfills.

  • Receive dedicated support: With Scale, you have a dedicated customer support team who provides you global employment support informed by guidance from our legal and HR experts.

  • Experience faster bulk hiring: When hiring five or more Team Members at a time, you can benefit from a faster and smoother guided bulk hiring process.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do seats work with Oyster Scale?
    When you subscribe to Oyster scale, you purchase annual “seats” on our global employment platform that you can fill with existing or new global hires for an entire year.

    Each Team Member occupies one seat. For example, if you purchase 10 seats, you’ll be able to add 10 Team Members to those seats.  Team Members can be moved in and out of seats at no additional cost. For example, if a Team Member that is occupying one of your seats resigns, you can add a new hire to the same seat and pay no additional fee to Oyster. 


  1. How much does Oyster Scale cost?
    Scale costs less than our month-to-month pricing. Because you are purchasing 5+ seats for the year, you’ll benefit from reduced, locked rates. The cost for Scale varies based on the number and location of Team Members you are looking to hire using Oyster. For quotations, please submit a request here

  2. Do you offer refunds for Oyster Scale?
    No, Oyster Scale is non-refundable.

    However, seats can be reused at no additional cost. For example, if a Team Member resigns or is terminated and their seat opens up, you can add a new hire to occupy the same seat without making additional payments to Oyster.

  3. What are the payment terms for Oyster Scale?
    With Scale, your payment is made upfront for the entire year. Once you have received, reviewed, and signed your Scale proposal, you will receive an invoice for the full amount of Scale with a net 30 payment term. This amount would be non-refundable once paid.

    Once your payment is received, your seats will be activated. There will be no Oyster subscription fee on your subsequent invoices up until renewal time. 

  4. What if I need to add more hires but all my seats are occupied?

    You’ll still be able to add more hires even if you run out of seats. However, additional hires will be charged the standard Oyster subscription fee and will be on the monthly Employee package. 

  5. Can I use Oyster Scale to hire contractors?
    No. Scale is only available for full-time employees at this time. 

  6. How do I subscribe for Oyster Scale?
    Oyster Scale will be available starting March 27th, 2023. To subscribe for Scale and add new and/or existing Team Members to Scale, please reach out to your account manager or submit a request here.


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