How do electronic signatures for employment agreements work?

E-signature is the latest feature in our suite of hiring automations. Now you can sign and request signatures 100% electronically, keeping the hiring process fast and frictionless and getting your Team Member up and running quicker than ever before. 

Note: E-signature is currently not live for all markets but we will be adding more soon. Check out this grid to find where it is currently available.


1. Submit a new hire request as you normally would

If you haven’t done this before, this guide will show you how.



2. Once you have submitted the hire request, Oyster will review the information and upload a Service Agreement to the platform for your review.  If you click on "Verify", you will receive an email from DocuSign to sign the service agreement related to this hire


This agreement outlines the specific terms of this engagement with Oyster.



3. Sign the service agreement via DocuSign



4. Next, you’ll need to review and verify the other agreements in the agreements tab. Once you’ve made sure you are happy with them, click the Actions button > Verify



5. The agreements will then appear as verified in the agreements tab



6. Once the agreements are verified, the service agreement has been signed and your Team Member has completed Team Member onboarding, you will have the option to invite the Team Member to sign the agreements. 

Hit the Share agreements button to request signatures from the Team Member



7. The agreement status will then change to Signature requested



8. Once the Team Member has signed the agreements, you will receive another email from DocuSign confirming that the documents have been signed

If you have a confidentiality and intellectual property agreement and/or a restrictive covenant agreement you will receive another email to sign these agreements after the Team Member has signed them. These agreements are created depending on what you chose under confidentiality and non-compete during the hiring process.



9. The status of the agreements within the platform will also transition to Signed



Once everything is signed, Oyster will review everything and activate the Team Member's profile which signifies the end of the onboarding process.

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