3 March 2023: Scale hiring with hiring templates, Expensify and Okta integrations


Save time and guarantee consistency with hiring templates

Hiring templates allow you to create a list of hiring variables and use them repeatedly when hiring new Team Members. This can reduce repeat work, saving you from entering your company’s standards for things like leave and probation and can also give you a go-to template for specific geographies, levels, and seniorities. 

See how hiring templates works below and learn how to create your own hiring template here.



Cut out the repetitive work with Expensify integration

Keep the custom approvals and expense logic you set up on Expensify. Approve all expenses just once, on Expensify, and we will automatically reimburse them through our payroll. Click here for the set up guide.

Securely log into Oyster using Okta 

You can now leverage Okta to securely log into your Oyster account. The integration also automates actions like deleting a user from Oyster when they are removed from your Okta account. Find the step-by-step guide here


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