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The local benefit offering in Belgium consists of health insurance, business travel insurance, workers accident insurance and Ecovouchers.

Benefit providers

Oyster works with top insurance providers in Belgium who understand the market and offer reliable service.

  • Health Insurance: DKV | Brochure
  • Workers Accident Insurance: Allianz
  • Business Travel Insurance (Individual Corporate Travel Option): Allianz | Brochure
  • Ecovouchers: Monizze

Coverage highlights

Your benefits coverage into the benefits begins on your start date at Oyster.

Some of the coverage highlights include:

  • Competitive service from top Belgium providers
  • 24/7 access to the MyDKV app for fast appointment bookings and claims processing
  • Business travel insurance covering personal, luggage, and home assistance
  • Accident insurance including excendentory wages

Enrollment process

This process is handled by Oyster. Once your employment contract is signed you will be registered for all benefits.

If you wish to add dependent(s) to the Health Insurance by DKV, you can do so by contacting our insurance broker directly.


Health Insurance - DKV

When does the coverage start?

Your coverage will start on your start date at Oyster.

Can dependents be added?

Yes they can. If you wish to add dependent(s) to the Health Insurance by DKV, you can do so by contacting our insurance broker directly. Dependent coverage will be at your own cost.

When do I get my DKV Medi card?

DKV will handle the enrollment process with you directly. They will send the DKV Medi card via traditional post. It can take up to three weeks to activate the plan and up to one month until the Card is delivered to your address. 

Am I covered if I did not receive my Medi card yet?

Yes, if you have been enrolled in DKV Health but still did not receive your medi-card, you are still covered. 

What are my emergency contacts?

Emergency contacts are the first people medical personnel will get in touch with in an emergency. 
The DKV Medi-Card includes the policy number and emergency contact details.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

You need to show your DKV Medi-Card in the hospital/health center.  DKV will follow up with you if required.

Is travel insurance covered?

Only urgent medical assistance abroad is covered. Nonurgent assistance is not covered (or any accident on vacation). 

How can I view my insurance enrollment status?

You can view your enrollment status for all benefits on the Oyster platform and will also receive an email confirmation from DKV.

How do I log into the insurance platform?

Log into the DKV portal on My DKV  

Monizze: myMonizze

How can I make a claim?

Claims can be logged in the My DKV portal. After the claim has been logged, inform the insurance broker for follow-up.

How can I opt out?

  • You cannot choose to opt out of the benefits.
  • However, if you have health insurance that you would like to maintain, you would have to share the policy details with us at the onboarding stage so we can compare them with what we offer. If they are at par, you would be able to opt out of health insurance.

Ecovouchers - Monizze

When will I receive my Monizze card?

You will receive your card within 4 weeks of your start date and you can follow the instructions in the pack for activation.

When will I receive my Ecovouchers?

Ecovouchers are loaded once a year in June. 

How do I log into the Monizze platform?

Monizze platform can be accessed through myMonizze

What should I do If my card is stolen? broken? Expired?

More information is on this FAQ on the Monizze website.

All other questions around the Monizze card can be found on the employee section of the Monizze website.

Workers Accident Insurance - Allianz

How do I make claims?

  • Emergency in case of death
    • You would need to call the broker within 24 hrs. Telephone number: +32 486 21 04 96
  • Non-emergency
    • You fill out and send the claim form to the insurance broker within 10 business days.
    • The insurance broker will share the form with Allianz.
    • Allianz will follow up with you directly and send the payment information.

Please note: Claims forms are shared with you during onboarding and you can also get them from the insurance broker.

Business Travel Insurance - Allianz

What should I do in case of an emergency?

If you have an emergency please call the Emergency number on the card. 

How can I make a claim?

If it is not an emergency, complete the claim form within one month and send it to the broker. 


If you have further questions regarding the benefits packages offered by Oyster, please contact Oyster Support, where our dedicated Support team will assist you.

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