Local benefits package - Belgium 🇧🇪

The local benefits package in Belgium consists of a single package that includes health insurance, workers' accident insurance, business travel insurance, and ecovouchers.

In Belgium, all employees have to be given the same level of benefits as there are strong anti-discriminatory laws in Belgium. For this reason, the benefits we provide are not in a tiered structure; there is a single plan for all Team Members.

Benefit providers

Oyster works with top insurance providers in Belgium who understand the market and offer reliable service.

  • Health Insurance: DKV
  • Workers Accident Insurance: Allianz
  • Business Travel Insurance: Allianz
  • Ecovouchers: Monizze

Benefits package 

Some of the coverage highlights include:

  • Competitive service from top Belgium providers
  • 24/7 access to the MyDKV app for fast appointment bookings and claims processing
  • Business travel insurance covering personal, luggage, and home assistance
  • Accident insurance, including excendentory wages

Summary of Benefits 

Health Insurance with DKV €33.24/month
Workers Accident Insurance with Allianz Variable. More information here.
Ecovouchers with Monizze €250/annum
€9.90 (one-off for the Monizze card)
Business Travel Insurance €7.30/month

How can you enroll your Team Member in Belgium into the local benefits?

You can enroll your team into local benefits in Belgium from the hiring flow.

  1. After you fill out the compensation details, you will be taken to the Benefits section of the hiring form.
  2. Select the Competitive benefits package.

  1. You can also choose to select health add-ons on top of your package. The add-ons include Global health benefits provided by Allianz Health. You can learn more about the Allianz Health plans here. 
  2. After you’ve made your selection(s), you will be shown the total estimated monthly costs. 

Coverage Brochures


Which of these benefits are statutory, and which are not?

  • Health Insurance: This is not statutory, but it is very commonly offered by almost all companies in Belgium
  • Workers Accident Insurance: Our plan has two parts (the mandatory part) and coverage for excendentory wages (this is not statutory but is commonly offered).
  • Ecovouchers: This is a statutory requirement.
  • Business Travel Insurance: This is not a statutory requirement but is very commonly offered by most companies.

Is there coverage for dependents?

In addition to our Team Members, it is possible to enroll dependents into Health Insurance with DKV, but this would be at the Team Member’s cost. 

The good news is that dependents also have access to our group discounted rates.

Our insurance broker will underwrite a contract for the dependents.

To do this, please reach out directly to our broker.


How is the Worker's Accident Insurance premium calculated?

The worker's accident premium combines two components: the obligated insurance and the insurance for excendentory wages.

Obligated Insurance = 0.42% of salary up to the maximum ceiling of €44,817

Excedentory wages = 0.35% of salary above the max ceiling of €44,817

Example: for an employee who earns €80,000, the insurance premium would be:

  • Obligated Insurance = 0.42% of €44,817 = €188.23
  • Excedentory wages = 0.35% of €35,183 = €123.14
  • Total Annual Insurance Premium = €188.23 + €123.14 = €311.37*

*This serves as an estimate; Exact charges may differ slightly.

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