How do I extend a contractor’s contract?

Please note: this feature is specific to contractors and not for full-time Team Members.

It is possible to extend a contractor’s contract on your own, without support from the Oyster team. To make any changes to a contractor’s employment details, including extending their contract, first you’ll need to locate that specific contractor.

Sign into the Oyster platform with your administrator account, click ‘Team’ on the menu on the left.



Navigate to the Contract tab connected to the contractor and click on the ‘Request contract change’ button.



From here, you have the option to either request a Contract change or a Contract extension.

If you choose Contract extension, you’ll be able to see the end date for the contractor’s previous contract. 

Use the calendar to select the end date for the new contract and click Continue once done.



From here, you will see the confirmation message shown below. Please note that once you hit confirm, your contractor’s contract will be extended instantly. 



Other things to note

  • If a termination has been initiated for this contract, it will be discarded automatically at the time of extension.
  • You now have the option to request a contract extension and a contract change (adjustments to role, description, salary or expenses) for your contractors at the same time.
    • These will be recorded as two separate requests.
      • Contract extensions will happen immediately
      • Contract changes will be scheduled according to the date you’ve selected or depending on payroll rules that may apply (if any).


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