Where can I view salary change requests?

Changes affecting salary, bonuses, allowances, benefits, job title, and job description require amending the employment agreement. You can process this on the platform by following our article. How do I process a salary change



When viewing your contract change requests, you’ll notice that each has a status depending on the progress of the change.

  • Requested: This is the initial status when you request a contract changed before Support approves the request.
  • Scheduled: When Support approves the change and the Employment Agreement Amendment is signed, the change request status moves from requested to Scheduled.
  • Applied: This status that the change has already been applied to payroll.
  • Canceled: This status is for canceled requests.



You can view your request and older requests. All previous requests for a Team Member will be listed under their profile. 

  1. Clicking Team on the menu on the left side of the screen. 
  2. Navigating to the ‘Employment' tab connected to the Team Member.
  3. Clicking on View change requests.

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