What is the payment timeline and status for my invoices?


This article explains the invoice and payment process for both fixed and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) contractors. You'll learn how the invoice systems work, invoice status, and contractors' payment process. 


Where do I track my invoices? 

All invoices that are submitted are tracked in one location. Navigate to the Payments section of the left navigation menu and select Invoices to view all your invoices and their statuses.

From this page, you can also use Filters to view invoices in a specific month and based on a specific invoice status. 

What is my invoice status? 

Your invoice can have one of seven statuses depending on the payout tracking. The status of each invoice you have is listed under the Payout status column in the Invoices page.

Below is the definition of each payout status. These definitions can also be accessed by clicking the info icon "i" next to the Payout status column.  


What is the invoice payment timeline? 

  1. Once an invoice gets approved, Oyster will wait for your company funds to be sent to our account. The settlement and clearing of funds might take up to 5 business days.

  2. Immediately after we receive the invoice payment, Oyster automatically begins the payout based on your bank account and currency through our payment provider. 

  3. Once the payment process begins, an email notification is automatically sent to your registered email. You can track the status of the payout on the Invoices page or by clicking on an individual invoice and viewing the side panel. 

  4. Payment usually takes up to 7 business days. However, there are sometimes delays due to the location of the contractor. If this happens, Oyster will immediately contact you to resolve it.

  5. If the payment has been successfully made to your bank account, the payment confirmation will be automatically sent to your registered email by our payment provider.

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