Where do I find my Team Members’ vacation balances?

Callum Sweeney
Callum Sweeney
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Details on your Team Members’ vacation balances can now be found in the Oyster platform. This is where your Team Member will request leave and you will have the option to either approve or deny their request.


  • You are a company administrator
  • You have engaged Team members or contractors who are requesting time off

How to find your Team Member's vacation balances

Admins can review all Team Members’ vacation balances from a single place. 

  • Go to People on the navigation bar on the left
  • Click on Time off
  • Click on Balance


For each Team Member, you’ll be able to see the following additional information in the columns on this page:

Annual entitlement
  • This is the annual amount of vacation that the Team Member receives per year.
  • This amount comes from their employment agreement.
Carry-over from previous cycle
  • This is an amount of vacation days from a previous year that the Team Member is legally entitled to carry over into this year. 
Ad hoc adjustments
  • This represents a total of any adjustments that an Oyster staff member has made to a Team Member’s balance, usually due to support ticket or country regulation.
  • This is the total amount of vacation days taken by the Team Member in the current year.
  • This is vacation days still available for the Team Member to take in the current year
  • This is the total amount of vacation approved but not yet taken by the Team Member in the current year.

NOTE: Please remember that the numbers for the columns above are based on vacation that has been logged in the Oyster platform as well as information from Team Member employment agreements. If you believe there’s an error, please raise a ticket with our support team.

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