23 Jan 2023: Global benefits packages, offboarding assistance, and timesheets


New: Global benefits packages powered by Allianz Health

Oyster is partnering with Allianz Health to offer global benefits to your team members. Allianz Health offers extensive health coverage in 165+ countries including dental, vision, and mental health care. You can enroll any new hires eligible for the new global benefits plans using your Oyster account starting January 2, 2023, at which time we will also stop supporting new enrollments into SafetyWing and IMG.

  • We will begin migrating team members who are eligible for Allianz Health in batches between January-May 2023. There will be no gap in coverage and we will contact you with more details. For those who are not based in eligible countries, we will offer compliant alternatives such as robust local benefits packages or other recommendations like allowances. 
  • Your Allianz Health plans will offer significantly improved coverage, better experience, and in some cases an even more economical option than our current offerings. Learn more about the differences between SafetyWing and Allianz here.



Offboarding assistance and estimated times

When submitting an offboarding request, Pearl, your virtual assistant, will now guide you through the offboarding form and highlight vital Team Member information.


Once your request is submitted, you'll be able to view the completed steps and the estimated times for each in-progress and upcoming step.



In-platform timesheets for easy time tracking ⏰

Time tracking is a requirement In a handful of countries around the world. Now, Oyster makes it easier for Team Members to track their time from within the platform, including setting default working hours if no timesheet is created. Learn more about this release here.

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