How do I create a template with my company’s standard employment terms to make hiring faster?

Hiring templates allow you as an admin to specify a range of hiring variables that you are able to repeatedly use when hiring new Team Members.

Your company may have a blanket policy on vacation, equipment, allowances, probation, and so on. Hiring templates allow you to apply a premade template during the hiring flow instead of entering the same variables each time.


How to create a hiring template

To create a hiring template, navigate to Company > Preferences in the sidebar on the left.



Here, you will see there is a draft hiring template that you can check out and edit, if you’d like. Now click either Explore under that draft template to edit the draft, global template or click the Add new hiring template button in the top right to create either a global or country-specific template from scratch.



Now you will need to select whether you want to create a global or country-specific hiring template.



Creating a global hiring template

To create a global hiring template, select A global hiring template and give it a name. This name will be visible if the template is selected in the hiring flow to indicate that a template has been used.



Choose to set a probation period if this is something that you wish to standardize. 

Note: when you select this template in the hiring flow, this probation period must be in accordance with the labor laws for the country you are hiring in, the be validated.



Then, choose the specifics for commission, bonus, allowances, equity, remote work equipment policy, and/or vacation days.



When you are happy with what you have chosen, click Confirm to save your new hiring template.



Once you have done that, you will see your new hiring template under the preferences tab.



Creating a country-specific hiring template

Creating a country-specific hiring template follows much the same process. The difference is, that you will not be able to set preferences that don’t comply with local employment law.


Here is an example for the Netherlands. The maximum probation period is 2 months so selecting any more than this is not possible.



Also, the statutory minimum for vacation days in the Netherlands is 20 days so you would not be able to opt for anything less than that.


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