How do I process a contract change?

Changes affecting salary, bonuses, allowances, benefits, job title, and job description require amending the employment agreement. Oyster needs to be notified about Team Members' roles and compensation changes.

Any contract change requests will follow the cut-off dates, with no exemptions. Amendments to the Employment Agreement of a Team Member cannot be backdated. 

  • 6th of the effective month for Indirect Team Members
  • 10th of the effective month for Direct Team Members 

Salary change requests require sufficient time for the necessary amendments to be completed. Completed salary changes include approvals and signatures. Anything accomplished after the cut-off date will be moved to the next pay cycle. Typically, the request should be triggered on the platform 2-3 weeks prior to the effective date. 

Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Poland - required contract change request to be submitted on the platform 3-4 weeks prior to the effective date. Submitting the requests in advance will ensure that all paperwork will be done on time and avoid any delays wherein the request might take effect in the next pay cycle.



Team Members located in Romania require a salary change request to be submitted at least 20 working days prior to the effective date. 

  • Team Members who are located within the countries specified in the Self-service contract change article are excluded from this process. 
  • Salary changes should always be future-dated. Past-dated salary changes can only take effect in the next pay cycle.



Once you have determined that the Team Member is not covered in the self-service contract change, follow the steps below to proceed with the request. 

Set the effective date, the platform will show a message informing you of the date when these changes should be applied and if there are any retroactive payments (in case you selected an effective date in the past).

The applicable date shown is based on the effective date of the request you selected, the usual processing timeline, and the next payroll cutoff date. You can view your requests summary by following the steps in our article Where can I view salary change requests

  1. Sign in to the Oyster platform from your administrator account and find the specific Team Member by clicking Team on the menu on the left side of the screen.

  2. Navigate to the Employment tab connected to the Team Member and click on the Request contract change button.
  3. A pop-up window will launch, select the required change, and set the effective date.
  4. Click on Save & continue to move to the next page, where you can input the details of the selected changes.
  5. Once all information has been added, click Confirm

After the last step has been completed, the following will happen:

  1. A ticket will be created for the Oyster Support team to review your change request.
  2. The Support team will review the requested changes and will reach out to you for the approval of the Employment Agreement amendment draft.
  3. Once the Team Member signs the agreement, the Support team will approve the change on the platform.

Note that the changes will be applied on the effective date selected and the signed agreement will be available in the Documents tab of the platform.



  • For questions on taxation for payroll adjustments, please refer to the article Are payroll adjustments taxable?

  • Once the change takes effect, you can view the revised figures and the service agreement through the Team Member Service Agreement tab via the Oyster platform. 

  • After submitting changes to discretionary bonuses as a contract change, you also need to submit a payroll change to support the payment of the discretionary bonus.

  • Salary changes require multiple steps to complete. The Employment Agreement needs to be drafted, approved, and signed. In some cases, requires a wet signature. You will be notified if/when this is required. 

  • Please note this process is for Team Members only, not for Contractors. You can learn more about how to process a change to a Contractor’s salary or employment details in the article How do I edit a Contractor's employment details?

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