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In countries where Oyster does not offer local benefits packages, you can provide and care for your team using Global Benefits Packages by Allianz. 

There are two packages: 

  • Competitive 
  • Best-in-class  

Coverage Highlights

  • All pre-existing health conditions are covered
  • Worldwide cover (excl. USA)
  • No excess/deductible / co-insurance
  • All inpatient hospital treatment and cancer treatment covered in full
  • Competitive levels of outpatient cover for doctors, specialists, diagnostic tests, physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and more 
  • Mental health support
  • Virtual doctor service for all members
  • Visions benefits for all members
  • Adult and child vaccinations
  • International Employee Assistance Program for all members
  • Dental benefits are available if selected
  • Maternity benefits are available if selected
  • Routine Health Screening and checks are available if selected

Country Availability

Global Benefits packages by Allianz are available in 165+ countries.

Exempt Countries 


Reason for exclusion

Oyster's recommendation to customers with Team member(s) in the excluded country/countries


OFAC sanctioned countries 

We recommend that you supplement through allowances


North Korea




We do not currently support Global Benefits packages in UAE and Switzerland. Information on when we will start supporting these countries will be updated in due time.

Supplement through allowances


Offer benefits through our local employment Partner

United States

US is not covered by Allianz but an out-of-area coverage where 42 days of emergency care is paid in full will be offered if the Team Member is in the US

New team members

  • Offer locally-optimized benefits in the United States

Existing team members

  • Enroll in the local benefits plans and continue to be enrolled there.


Irish nationals can’t be covered on the plan due to local regulations

We are partnering with Irish Life to offer local benefits in Ireland, to be released in Q1 2023


In these countries, Team Members are covered by statutory health insurance. This means that adding-on Global Health Benefits is not ideal, as they may never be used. 

Additionally, offering it as an add-on may lead to an increased risk of discrimination litigation.  

Team Members have been/are being migrated to Alan as part of their migration to the Oyster Direct entity-we recommend maintaining that package. 


Team Members are currently enrolled on statutory Health insurance (GKV), and this is sufficient in our opinion. You can provide more to your Team in the form of allowances. 


In Italy, the healthcare contributions are dictated as outlined by the CBA in place for your Team Members. You can provide more to your team, if you wish, through allowances. 


We recommend the National health insurance(NHI). If you would want to provide more for your team, you can do so through allowances. 


Pricing is based on the age of the team member and the package.

Country 0-17 Competitive(USD) 0-17 Best-in-class (USD) 18+ Competitive (USD) 18+ Best-in-Class (USD)
Austria 83.2 118.6 103.9 148.2
Bahrain 86.4 123.3 108.1 154.1
Belgium 89.9 128.3 112.4 160.3
Bulgaria 84.0 119.7 105.0 149.7
Cyprus 84.3 119.4 104.9 148.8
Denmark 83.2 118.7 104.1 148.4
Greece 94.7 135.0 118.4 168.8
Kenya 83.3 118.8 104.2 148.5
Luxembourg 85.6 122.1 107.0 152.6
Monaco 88.1 125.6 110.1 157.0
Portugal 88.5 126.2 110.6 157.8
Saudi Arabia 94.7 135.0 118.4 168.8
Slovenia 89.3 127.4 111.7 159.2
Slovakia 88.9 126.8 111.2 158.5
Spain 82.5 117.6 103.1 147.0
Singapore 88.1 125.6 110.1 157.0
UK 92.2 131.5 115.3 164.4
Rest of World 82.3 117.4 102.9 146.8
  • These Prices are inclusive of local and country-specific Insurance Premium Taxes(IPTs) payable by your organization.
  • These prices are quoted in USD and will be converted to local currency at the time of invoicing.


  • Oyster charges a support fee of USD25 / 23EUR / 20GBP per team member per month
    • You receive from Oyster around-the-clock support for your team throughout the entire benefits lifecycle (market and vendor research, building benefits packages, admin)
  • Some countries charge employer taxes for benefits. These will be added on top of these costs
  • There are no additional fees for team members to add dependents

Enrolling Dependents

  • Unlimited dependents (partners and/or children) are also covered at the rate price of the individual.
    • Example: if a Team Member wants to enroll their partner, then it would be the tier cost * 2.
  • Dependents can be added to the plan, and Oyster will provide a 30-day window from the time the team members are enrolled to allow them to add their dependents to cover. 
  • Dependents cannot be added outside this 30-day Team Member joining window unless at a life event (birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, death).  
  • There is no additional administration fee for team members to add dependents

Competitive vs Best-in-class Packages




Overall plan limit



Routine maternity care

Not covered 

$8,000 (Includes cover for pre and postnatal care, elective cesareans and newborn care)

Psychiatrists', psychologists', psychotherapist fees

Paid in full up to 10 visits

(Psychotherapy requires a referral from a doctor)

Paid in full up to 20 visits

(Psychotherapy requires a referral from a doctor)

Cancer screening (mammograms, bowel cancer, prostate cancer), Routine adult physical examinations, Papanicolaou Screening (Pap smear)

Not covered 

Paid in full up to - $500

  • Covered within Outpatient module
  • Includes cover for Well child test (up to the age of 6) - 15 visits

Vision expenses for; spectacle lenses & frames, contact lenses, prescription sunglasses

Outpatient module - $50

Outpatient module - $500


Not covered 

$1500 limit

Overall out-patient limit



Pricing starts at (for 18+, exclusive of Oyster support fee)

102.92 USD per Team Member/month

146.75 USD per Team Member/month

Global vs Local Benefits Packages

Global benefits packages enable you to provide globally accessible care to your teams

Local benefits packages enable you to provide locally tailored benefits to your teams



Oyster offers local benefits packages in your team member’s country 

Offer local benefits that comply with and supplement the local laws, help you remain competitive against what local employers offer, and ensure better access to doctors, hospitals, tests, claims, and more.

You can also offer Global benefits as an add-on. Global benefits as an add-on is especially recommended if:

  • Your Team Member frequently travels and works outside of their country. Global benefits provide coverage in 165+ countries.

  • Your Team Member does not have access to a network hospital or clinic that the local benefits packages cover in their location. Global benefits by Allianz offers reimbursement options where Team Members can get covered by their local hospital and get reimbursed later.

  • Your Team Member is already covered by a local insurance provider through their partner or family insurance. Global benefits would be more valuable in this case.

Oyster does not offer local benefits packages in your team member’s country 

Offer global benefits packages powered by Allianz health. Provide globally-accessible health benefits and coverage for pre-existing conditions, dental and vision, maternity care, mental health support, and more.

Migrate your team to local benefits when they become available in your team member’s country. Local benefits help you remain fair, and competitive and provide better benefits access to your team. You can also choose to offer global benefits as an add-on with local benefits. 

Migrating from the Current SafetyWing/IMG Plan

When will my existing team members or hires be migrated from SafetyWing and IMG to Allianz health?

We will begin migrating those who are eligible for Allianz Health in batches between January-May 2023. There will be no gap in coverage and we will contact you with more details. For those who are not based in eligible countries, we will offer compliant alternatives such as robust local benefits packages or other recommendations.

Will there be a loss in coverage when teams get moved from SafetyWing or IMG to Allianz health? 

No. Your team will only be off-boarded from SafetyWing/IMG when the migration to Allianz is complete.

When will Oyster stop supporting new enrollments into SafetyWing and IMG? What will happen to the coverage of teams enrolled on SafetyWing or IMG?

We will stop supporting new enrollments into SafetyWing and IMG starting Jan 2, 2023, when the Allianz plans become available in your Oyster account to choose from. Teams currently enrolled on SafetyWing or IMG will be moved to Allianz starting January 2023. We will reach out to you with more details on the migration. 

SafetyWing vs Allianz



Oyster’s Global benefits powered by Allianz


Plan limit


$5,000,000 in Best-in-class

$350,000 in SafetyWing premium

Additional coverage

Routine maternity care

$8,000 under Best-in-class and $0 under Competitive  

No coverage for routine maternity care 

Employee Assistance Program (Counseling and well-being) 

Included (via Lifeworks) 

Not covered 

Health and wellness support 

Included (via Olive)

Not covered 

Better coverage

Psychiatric treatment

Paid in full

Paid up to 30 days per year

Out of area 

42 days of emergency cover will be paid in full (when in the US)

Limit of $5,000 for inpatient and $500 for outpatient 

Global coverage 

Everywhere except the US

Everywhere except the US, Hongkong, and Singapore 

Vision expenses

Coverage of $50 under Competitive and $500 under Best-in-class 

No coverage in basic plan. 


Coverage of $1,500 under Best-in-class 

Coverage of $1,500 under the top plan



24*7 health line 

Not included 


$102.93 for the competitive plan 

$146.75 for the best-in-class plan

Complex age-based pricing

Coexistence with Local benefits packages 

Can be offered as an add-on on top of local benefits

Can be offered as an add-on on top of local benefits

Coverage Brochure (download)

Allianz Health full brochure


How and when can I enroll my team into Allianz plans? 

You can start the enrollment process for a new team member from the hiring flow or starting January 2, 2023. After you initiate the enrollment process, the Oyster team will be in contact with your team members to activate their plan. 

Note: The policy start date of your Allianz insurance will be the 1st of the next month of your enrollment. For instance if you enroll on Jan 15th, your policy will start on Feb 1. 

What happens to Team Members who are in countries where Oyster is setting up local benefits in the near term? When will these Team Members be eligible to be migrated to local benefits packages? 

We recommend you enroll your team members to Allianz to provide better coverage until we offer local benefits packages in the Team Member’s country, except for countries where the enrollments will begin before the end of 2022 (India, Spain, the Netherlands), which is before the Allianz enrollments start date (Jan 2023). We will contact you to migrate your team when local benefits in your team member's country is available. The migration will be quick and seamless. 

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