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Local benefits packages enable you to choose from 2 pre-created benefits packages and offer country-tailored benefits to your team. Oyster enables you to offer both local private health insurance (that is mandatory in the Netherlands) and global, worldwide coverage.

Benefits packages

Companies can choose from Competitive and Best-in-class packages. Both Competitive and Best-in-class packages include the same local health benefits (provided by CZ Health) but different global health benefits (provided by Allianz Health).

Some of the coverage highlights under the local benefits plan include:

  • Inpatient and outpatient care is covered
  • Prescriptions are covered
  • Physiotherapy and exercise therapy - up to 18 sessions per condition
  • Non-urgent medical care abroad
  • Childcare and obstetric care are covered and include fertility treatment, antenatal screenings, and care at home for up to 10 days.
  • Mental health care is covered.
  • Dental - routine, preventative, and orthodontic care is covered

Please note, in the Netherlands, if a Team Member is going to be hired through one of Oyster's EOR partners, then Allianz can not be offered.

Some of the coverage highlights under the global benefits plan include:

  • All pre-existing health conditions are covered
  • Worldwide cover (excl. USA)
  • No excess/deductible/co-insurance
  • All inpatient hospital treatment and cancer treatment are covered in full
  • Competitive levels of outpatient cover for doctors, specialists, diagnostic tests, physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and more 
  • Mental health support
  • Visions benefits for all members
  • Adult and child vaccinations
  • International Employee Assistance Program for all members
  • Dental benefits are available if selected
  • Maternity benefits are available if selected

Benefits providers

Benefits in the Netherlands is powered by Allianz Health, a global healthcare provider. Allianz Health has partnered with CZ Health Insurance, a leading local health insurance provider in the Netherlands. 

Team Members who enroll in CZ Health Insurance are auto-enrolled into Allianz Health as long as they meet the conditions described in the FAQs.

  • Team Members can be enrolled into private health only once a year in December during the open enrollment cycle.
  • Team Members can be enrolled in Allianz Health at any time of the year. 


Oyster offers two packages for customers to choose from—Competitive or Best-in-class. The pricing figures below are on a per individual per month basis. 

  • Both the local and global coverage start at USD 138 (inclusive of the USD 25 admin fee), which is equivalent to the average cost of private local insurance in the Netherlands. This effectively enables companies to offer both local and global insurance at the price of one. 
  • Oyster charges a USD 25 admin fee on top to handle the whole lifecycle of benefits–research, vendor relationships, plan structure, enrollments, and team support—reducing the admin and monetary costs for you. 

Pricing for global benefits by Allianz Health + CZ coverage combined

Pricing is based on the age of the team member and the package.

Age Competitive Best-in-class

90.33 USD

120.83 USD
18+ 113 USD 151.08 USD

Pricing for global benefits by Allianz Health only

Pricing is based on the age of the team member and the package.



Best in Class


82.33 USD

117.4 USD


102.92 USD

146.75 USD


  • These Prices are inclusive of local and country-specific Insurance Premium Taxes (IPTs) payable by your organization.
  • These prices are quoted in USD and will be converted to local currency at the time of invoicing.
  • Unlimited dependents (partners and/or children) are also covered at the rate price of the individual.
    • Example: if a Team Member wants to enroll their partner, then it would be the tiered cost * 2.
  • Oyster will charge a USD25 / 23EUR / 20GBP per team member per month benefits administration fee. This fee enables Oyster to provide best-in-class service to your team through the entire benefits lifecycle(market and vendor research, building benefits packages, admin) and round-the-clock support for your team.  
  • Some countries charge employer taxes for benefits. These will be added on top of these costs.


How does coverage for dependents work?

Unlimited dependents (Partner and any Children) are also covered at the rate price of the individual, i.e., if a Team Member wants to enroll their partner, then it would be the package cost * 2.

  • Oyster will provide a 30-day window to allow Team Members to add their dependents to cover. 
  • Dependants can not be added outside this 30-day Team Member joining window unless at a life event (birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, death).  
  • The cost for dependents needs to be 100% company-covered

How does the enrollment into the new plans work?

  • Existing team members: Existing team members (or) hires in the Netherlands will be contacted by Oyster’s international broker partner, Engage, after the company has selected a package during the open enrollment cycle in December each year. Team members will have the option to opt out at that stage.

  • New hires/New team members: After Jan 1, 2023, any new hires in the Netherlands can be enrolled into the global health care plans by Allianz using their Oyster account--from the hiring form or the benefits page. 
    • CZ health insurance (local insurance in the Netherlands) will be applicable for enrollment only once a year, in December, during the open enrollment cycle. 

What is open enrollment? When can I enroll my team members in the Netherlands into local private insurance?

Netherlands national regulation allows employees to change their insurance providers yearly, at the end of each year, with new plans taking effect from Jan 1. 
You can enroll team members in the Netherlands into local private insurance (CZ health) once a year, in December, during the open enrollment cycle. Team members can, however, be enrolled in the global benefits plan (powered by Allianz Health) at any time during the year.

Why should I enroll my team members in the bundled Allianz + CZ package?

We enable you to offer both local and global health coverage at a price that is usually charged for offering only one of these.

It is highly valued by team members, given that private healthcare is mandatory for residents in the Netherlands, and it costs around 130€ monthly per person that individuals have to pay out of pocket.

What do I have to do if I already have my employees enrolled in Allianz and CZ?

Nothing! As your employees are already covered by these plans, there is nothing you need to do before Jan 1st, 2024. The policies will continue as normal, and nothing will change.

How can team members submit a claim where they have paid the cost and want to be reimbursed?

The easiest way to submit claims is via the MyHealth app/portal, which you can use to manage your plan. 

  • Go to the ‘Claims’ section and make a ‘New Claim’
  • Make sure the form is completely filled out. The form will not let you proceed without completing all the required information.
  • Scan and attach your receipts.
  • Submit your claim
  • You can also submit a claim by completing a claim form and sending it via email. It’s important to keep in mind that submitting your claim via MyHealth will guarantee quicker payment. 

The benefits plans in the Netherlands offer additional benefits (global and local health) compared to what teams in other countries will receive. How can I offer a similar or standard benefits experience across all my team members regardless of location?

Each country has its own benefits legislation, and access to benefits also varies from country to country. For example, Germany has great statutory health insurance, and it’s generally unusual for companies to offer supplementary insurance, whereas in the United States, healthcare and benefits must be offered by employers. 

The benefits you offer need to:

  • Comply with and supplement the local laws
  • Align with your compensation and rewards approach
  • Be competitive with what local employers offer
  • Ensure easier and faster access to doctors, hospitals, tests, claims, and more

Offering local benefits helps you remain fair to your team, competitive against local employers, and cost-efficient. In the Netherlands, the benefits plan structure enables you to offer both great local and global health insurance at the cost that usually comes with offering just one of them. You can also choose to offer global benefits as an add-on in other countries where local benefits are available. 

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