Patrono Day Policy - Italy 🇮🇹

The policy of Oyster regarding Patrono day is defaulting the date to December 7th as our legal entity in Italy is in Milan, and the city celebrates the day on this date. Team Member residence is not considered, and the holiday will default to the same date for all Italian Team Members. 

Leave for Patrono days other than December 7th will be covered with vacation.

Can I work on Patrono Day?

  • It is not mandatory to work on that day.
  • The decision to work on a public holiday is not up to the individual Team Member, but there must be approval from the user company.
  • If worked, Patrono Day is paid as a bank holiday with a 30% increase by the hour. 
  • Switching Patrono Day with any other day is permitted upon mutual agreement between the Team Member and the Customer company. 

What if I've already taken the Patrono day?

  • If you have already taken time off for your city’s patron saint, no impact on pay will be calculated.
  • Moving forward, the holiday will default to Dec 7. 

For more information on requesting time off, check our article How do I request time off?

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