How do I request support?

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Support is a service Oyster provides to both Customers and Team Members to help resolve any issues or answer questions they may have with the Oyster app or the service we provide.

When do I ask for support?

  • When you have a question about a certain process or policy. 
  • When there is a task that needs to get done like, salary increases, role change, health benefit enrollment, a document request, etc. 
  • When you or anyone from your team reports that there is an issue or incident that needs to be solved like, a missing payment, inability to access the platform, an invoice error, etc. 


What are the guidelines I should follow when requesting for support?

  • Use the email address that you use to log in to the Oyster platform to create a request. This allows us to ensure that your information is secure. 
  • Log a ticket through the Oyster Portal and select the most appropriate fields on the form. This helps route your tickets to the correct queue so a Specialist can be assigned. 
  • Add as much detailed information as possible regarding your request. This helps us work more efficiently in resolving your request accurately.


Why can I not use any email to reach out to support?

Oyster staff uses the email address registered on the Oyster platform to verify the identity of the requester who raises a request with support.

  • This allows us to ensure that your information is secured.
  • It ensures that only those with the necessary access rights can secure information or make change requests on the account.

If you wish to update the email address of your account on the Oyster platform, please read through our article on How do I update my Team Member details.


How should I ask for support?