FAQs for admins - Team member migration in South Africa to Oyster Direct entity

Callum Sweeney
Callum Sweeney
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1. How will the migration affect health benefits?

There will be no negative impacts on health benefits. In fact, Your Team Member will receive a new, comparable benefits package specifically tailored to the South African market.

2. What will happen with my Team Members accrued vacation days?

Accrued vacation days will be transferred along with your Team Member’s employment. They should not notice any difference with their leave allowance and will be able to use their leave in the same way as before the transition took place.

3. How will my Team Members payroll be impacted?

No changes will happen on the payroll front. Your Team Member’s salary including any bonuses and allowances will be prorated and paid by the agreed end date with the third-party employer.

4. What is the timeframe for the migration from the local partner and onboarding into the Oyster owned entity?

Overview of migration schedule (dates are approximate only):

Starting November 28

Informational emails sent to Team Members

Starting December 2

Team Members submit a resignation form to the third party employer and formally resign by sending a resignation letter. Then, they are able to sign new employment agreement with Oyster

January 1, 2023

Team Members will be onboarded into the Oyster owned entity on a date which has been previously agreed upon with you . Termination must be processed by this point and the previous employer requires at least 3 weeks notice to process this.


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