Migration Process and Timelines

Callum Sweeney
Callum Sweeney
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The migration from the third-party employer to the Oyster local entity will take place between November 14, 2022 - January 1st, 2023 for Team Members in South Africa. The migration will elevate your Team Member experience and give them access to a single platform to file expenses, apply time off, access payslips and contracts and ensure faster response times on their questions. 

Below is the step-by-step migration process:



Point of contact

Announcement to admins

Address any questions on the migration

Oyster Account Manager and Customer Success Manager

First announcement to South Africa Team Members

Announcement about the migration, process, and timelines to the Team Member 

Account admins 

Initiate transfer process from third-party employer with South Africa Team Members

Our Hiring Success team will work with admins and Team Members move their employment from the old entity to the new Oyster entity

Oyster Hiring Success Team

Initiate onboarding into Oyster owned local entity / Oyster Direct

The Oyster Hiring Success team will share the new employment agreement with the Team Members 

Oyster Hiring Success Team 

Employment confirmation

Employment confirmation is sent to both the admin and the team Members

Oyster Hiring Success Team

Migration confirmation

Confirmation of migration is sent to the admin

Oyster Account Manager and Customer Success Manager