How do I calculate my remaining paid time off days?

Paid time off (PTO) is also known as annual leave. It's paid time off provided to Team Members as part of their Employment Agreement. These leave credits are accrued from the start of the contract. 


Calculating PTO days left manually

Note that manually calculating provides you with your accrued time off. Accrued time off is PTO that you earn over time. 

  1. Divide the number of holidays indicated in your employment agreement by 12 (the total number of months in a year). 
  2. Multiply the answer from step 1 by the total number of months since your start date. 
  3. Deduct the total number of PTO you've already taken from the product of step 2. 


In-app Balance Breakdown

The vacation balance is available on the platform. It is calculated using annual entitlements, ad-hoc adjustments, days taken and approved, and, where applicable, carryover days. 

You can also view your vacation summary by selecting the vacation calendar year you wish to review. 



  • The in-platform balance is currently calculated using the entire vacation entitlement for the entire vacation calendar year. 
  • A different calendar year is followed in some countries and may not always be based on January to December. 

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