4 Nov 2022: Local benefits packages and improved offboarding process highway


Introducing, Local benefits packages

Offer country-tailored benefits to attract top talent and meet the expectations of your distributed team. With Local benefits packages you can,

  • Offer country-tailored benefits that help you stay compliant, competitive, and fair
  • Easily choose from pre-created packages—Essential, Competitive, or Best-in-class and offer health benefits, allowances, pension, and more based on the country
  • Skip the research and admin. We will handle market and vendor research, building packages, enrollment, and more—reducing the admin and monetary costs for you.

Local benefits are currently available for teams in Poland, United States, and Canada. But we’re releasing more countries real soon! Stay tuned.

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Team Member offboarding requests and process highway

While it’s exciting to bring on talent from around the world, you’re probably also thinking: What exactly does that mean for our offboarding process? As your trusted global employment platform, Oyster takes care of offboarding for you. 

You can now easily initiate offboarding requests right in the platform and gain visibility into the process at all times through our offboarding process highway. Our offboarding request form will guide you through all the necessary information you need to collect to get started. Plus, you’ll have an expert team to double check your documents and make sure we meet maximum compliance for eachcountry. 

Discover how you can submit a request through the Oyster platform hereScreenshot_2022-11-06_at_11.25.34_AM.png



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