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DKV Health Insurance

What does DKV Health cover? 

During onboarding, the Oyster Hire team will share information with you about health insurance in Belgium. After enrollment with Oyster, DVK will reach out to you and share a document with details on the coverage plan. You can always reach out to Oyster HR Support with questions.

Can I add dependents to my health insurance?

We are currently unable to include dependents in DKV Health. 

When do I get my DKV Medi card?

DKV will handle the enrollment process with you directly. They will send the DKV Medi card via traditional post. It can take up to three weeks to activate the plan and up to one month until the Card is delivered to your address. 

Am I covered if I did not receive my Medi card yet?

Yes, if you have been enrolled in DKV Health but still did not receive your medi-card, you are still covered. 

What are my emergency contacts?

Emergency contacts are the first people medical personnel will get in touch with in an emergency. 
The DKV Medi-Card includes the policy number and emergency contact details.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

You need to show your DKV Medi-Card in the hospital/health center.  DKV will follow up with you if required.

Is travel insurance covered?

Only urgent medical assistance abroad is covered. Nonurgent assistance is not covered (or any accident on vacation). 

Work Accidents - Allianz

  • Please note that no enrollment is proactively needed from your end. After Oyster pays your first salary, the Belgian NSSO will inform the insurance company automatically about the enrollment.
  • The start date of your coverage will be the same as your work start date. 
  • No further action is needed from you. 

Business Travel Insurance - Allianz

  • If you have an emergency, call the Emergency number on the card. 
  • If it is not an emergency, complete the claim form within one month and send it to the broker  Allianz. 

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