How do I access my Team Members’ timesheets?

Timesheets are a requirement in a few different countries in the world. To date, Team Members have used forms outside of the Oyster platform to track their time, but this functionality is currently being brought into the Oyster platform.

The steps below outline how to access and update timesheets within the Oyster platform.

1. To access the time tracking feature, Company Admins should navigate to the Oyster sidebar and under the People section, click on the Time tracking tab. From here, Admins will see the timesheet records for Team Members in countries where timesheets are required.


2. Company Admins may view and download individual Team Member timesheets. Admins cannot edit timesheets. If any edits are needed, please reach out to Oyster Support. 


3. If Company Admin approval is needed for overtime or other non-standard hours, Oyster Support will reach out directly via email. This process will be moved into the feature in a future improvement. 



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