3 January 2023: New Oyster pricing

To continue providing best-in-class global employment solutions, we are updating our prices as of January 3rd, 2023 for several countries.

  1. What are the new Oyster prices?

    As of January 3rd, 2023, our products will have the following price points:
    - Paid annually upfront: starting at $499 USD per employee per month.
    - Paid month to month: starting at $599 USD per employee per month. 

    Please note that Oyster prices will increase in certain markets, decrease in certain markets, and remain unchanged in the rest. You can view the complete, country-specific updated pricing list in USD, Euro, and GBP by clicking here

  2. Why is Oyster changing prices?

    Oyster has been actively building the infrastructure, technology, and resources to enable companies everywhere to hire, pay, and care for talent in 180+ countries. With a greater focus on automated global hiring, localized benefits, country-specific expertise, and top-tier Team Member experience, Oyster is determined to empower customers to have the best global employment experience.

    Oyster’s new prices enable us to continue serving you and providing a compliant, fast, and trustworthy global employment experience.

  3. Is Oyster increasing prices in all countries?

    No. While the Oyster fee will increase on January 3rd, 2023 for certain countries (e.g., India, Romania, Turkey), the fee will actually decrease in other countries (e.g., Poland, Brazil, Bulgaria). For many other countries, the fee will remain unchanged (e.g., Spain, UK, France, Netherlands).

    You can view the complete, country-specific updated pricing list in USD, Euro, and GBP by
    clicking here.

  4. What if I have a discount or a locked price for hiring through Oyster?

    Oyster will honor discounts and locked prices that pre-date the price update on January 3rd, 2023. If you have further questions or concerns, please reach out to your Account Manager or submit a request to our Help Center.

  5. Can I add an employee before the price changes on January 3rd, 2023?

    Yes, if you’ve already identified a new Team Member, you can submit a new hire request before January 3rd, 2023 to be charged at the current price.

  6. Why do the price changes differ in USD vs. Euro vs. GBP?

    Our prices are anchored off of the US Dollar. Given the recent devaluation of the Euro and British Pound, if you are paying Oyster in these currencies you might see a larger change in the Oyster monthly fee simply because of conversion differences.

  7. Do price changes impact the Contractor product?

    No, the price for hiring contractors using Oyster will remain unchanged at $29 per contractor per month.

  8. How does the annual subscription work?

    With the annual subscription, customers can save up to $1,200 off of Oyster fees.

    When you submit a hire request with an annual subscription, you will see the annualized Oyster Fee of hiring the Team Member on your first deposit invoice. Subsequent invoices will have a value of zero for Oyster Fee (11 subsequent invoices). When it is time for the annual renewal, you will see the annual cost again on your 12th invoice for that Team Member.

    Note: Annual subscription is not available for contractors. 

  9. Can I migrate existing Team Members from monthly to annual subscription? 

    Yes, this is possible starting January 3rd, 2023. Please reach out to your Account Manager or submit a request to our Help Center

  10. What if a Team Member on an annual subscription resigns or is terminated? 

    At this time, Oyster does not offer refunds or credits for resigned or terminated Team Members on annual subscriptions. 

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