FAQs for Team Members - Migration to Oyster-owned entity in Brazil

Mohannad Aljawamis
Mohannad Aljawamis
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  1. What will happen to my accrued holidays and leaves in the old contract?

    All accrued but unused vacation days at the point of resignation will be paid out accordingly. This is a normal process during any resignation. You are ending your employment with the third-party employer in Brazil and joining Oyster. With Oyster as the new employer, you will start to accrue leave for the remainder of the year.

  2. How will I be paid for my accrued but unused vacation days?

    Your current employer of record will confirm your accrued but untaken vacation days and will pay them as part of your offboarding pay cycle.

  3. Once migrated to Oyster, do I have to wait a full accrual period (1 year) before using my holidays?

    Yes, once you are migrated and employed by Oyster, you will have to wait one year before using your holidays. In case you need to go on holiday before one year of employment with Oyster, you can raise a request to HR for paid days off that can be approved as an exception.

    Keep in mind that these paid days off mean that the vacation bonus will not be paid in the first year. It is advised Team Members wait the full accrual period to enjoy the holidays.

  4. Will my payroll be impacted?

    No changes will happen on the payroll front. Your salary including any bonuses and allowances will be prorated and paid by the agreed end date with the third-party employer.

  5. Will my bonuses (i.e. holiday bonus, 13th salary) be impacted?

    Any bonuses that you are entitled to as per your current employment agreement, will be paid out accordingly at the point of resignation.

  6. Will my salary be impacted?

    No, you will not have any changes or interruptions to your salary. You will not have any unsalaried days during the migration and you will be paid as per your current  agreement.

  7. Will I need new medical checks?

    Yes, you must complete a new medical check. Oyster has partnered with Europartner to arrange the medical checks. Europartner has many clinics in their network. In cases where there is no clinic in your city or in nearby cities, Europartner will schedule the medical check with an out-of-network clinic.

    Once the exam is completed and Oyster receives the results from the clinic, you will be able to sign the Employment Agreement.

  8. Will I continue to receive meal cards?

    Yes, you will receive CAJU cards, which can be used with many vendors.

  9. How does the Team Member migration impact health insurance (or allowance)?

    If you currently receive a health allowance, you will continue to receive the same amount once migrated to Oyster.

    If you are currently enrolled in insurance, Oyster will grant a health allowance of the amount of 1,100 BRL per month so you can enroll in an insurance plan on a private basis until Oyster arranges for a corporate health plan.

    If you are currently undergoing medical treatment, Oyster may keep your health insurance enrollment. This will need to be reviewed upon request and on a case-by-case basis.

  10. For how long will I use the medical allowance before being enrolled in a corporate health insurance plan?

    Our estimate is 3-6 months but it may take longer.

  11. Can I enroll my dependents in health insurance?

    This will depend on the employment agreement you have and what the company you’ll provide your services for has agreed to. We will review these requests on a case-by-case basis.