Migration Process and Timelines for Brazil

Mohannad Aljawamis
Mohannad Aljawamis
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The migration from the third-party employer to Oyster local entity will take place between the 27th October and the 31st January 2023 for Team Members in Brazil. The migration will elevate your Team Member experience and give them access to a single platform to file expenses, apply time off, access payslips and contracts and ensure faster response times on their questions. 

Below is the step-by-step for the resign and rehire process:



Point of contact

1. Announcement to Customers

If for any reason you think a Team Member should not be migrated (upcoming termination, other concerns), please let us know. If we don’t hear anything from you, we will proceed.  

Oyster Account Manager and Customer Success Manager

2. Announcement to Team Members in Brazil

We believe the communication to Team Members should come first from customers. We will provide admins with a template that they can send. However, Oyster will also reach out to Team Members directly to provide them with more details and guidance. 

Oyster Hiring Success Team

4. Share new agreements, collect signatures, and initiate onboarding into the Oyster-owned entity 

Oyster Hiring Success team will work with customer admins and Team Members to share the draft agreements, review and sign contractors with the oyster-owned entity, and begin onboarding. 

Oyster Hiring Success Team

4. Initiate resignation from third-party employer in Brazil

The third-party employer will communicate the process of resignation and rehire, issue the resignation letters to be completed and signed by each Team Member.

The Team Member will need to share a letter that is handwritten and in Portuguese and directed to the third-party employer in this format:

[Nome Legal do Empregador Local]

[Endereço do Empregador Local]

[CEP e cidade do empregador local]

Data: [DD MMM 2022]

Caro Senhor/Senhora, por meio desta, renuncio ao meu emprego na [Nome Legal do Empregador Local]. Meu último dia de trabalho será ## Mês de 2022.


[Seu Nome]

[Sua assinatura]


5. Employment confirmation

Employment confirmation will be sent to both customer admins and Team Members.

Oyster Hiring Success Team

Migration confirmation

Confirmation of migration is sent to the customer admins and Team Members. 

Oyster Account Manager and Customer Success Manager

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