What are credit notes and what happens after I receive one?

A credit note is a document that is issued to notify you that a credit is being refunded and/or applied to your account for a number of reasons.


Common reasons credit notes are issued at Oyster:

  • Refund of team member deposits after offboarding
  • When you overpay an existing invoice
  • When the amount due on the settlement invoice is negative (e.g. when the total costs for the month is lower than the pre-funding estimate).
    If you're wondering what a settlement invoice is, it's a part of the new invoicing process that is rolling out from Feb 2023 onwards. Check out this article for FAQs around the new invoicing process.

You will receive a refund in cash, equal to the amount stated in the credit note. We currently do not support using the credit to fund your next invoice.


How to find credit notes in the Oyster platform

  1. In the navigation menu, click on Pay and select Invoices
  2. Click on See Credit Notes
    You will access the list of credit notes. 

  3. Status information is:

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