Are there changes to salary payment dates for the coming 2022 holidays?

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Yes, similar to last year, payroll is adjusted to give way to office closures and reduced manpower due to the holiday season. This adjustment allows us to ensure that payments are still processed in a timely manner and as expected. 


What dates can I expect to have changes?

  • Cut-off periods: The monthly deadline by which Oyster must be notified of any changes regarding payments to reflect the difference in the effective month (ie. expenses, bonus payments, etc). 
  • Salary payment date:  The day the salary is paid. 


I'm a Direct Team Member; what changes in dates can I expect?

  • Dec 23 - Target date for salary payments. 

The following countries have differences from the planned timeline for salary payment:

  • Greece: Dec 21 - Salary inclusive of Christmas Bonus. 
  • Portugal: Dec 15 - Christmas Bonus payment and Dec 23 - Target date for salary payments. 

Countries where salary payments will not have any changes:

  • Canada
  • United States
  • Czech Republic


I'm an Indirect Team Member; what changes in dates can I expect?

As we work with several different local partners, changes may vary per Team Member. You may refer to the legend below to see what the differences are. For further details, please reach out to the support team by logging a request through our portal

  • Red font signifies changes on the dates
  • Red font with * has changes that vary by Team Member. 


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